Does Size Matter ?

Does Size Matter?


No one keeps tape measure in their pocket, still, this question never dies. Does size matter to a woman? What do women really think about it? Does size matter at all.? Lots of men and some women do think about it for sure. Most men often also think, am I above average?

Hi, I’m Sam, and today we’re going to discuss size, and I’m going to be revealing some of the researches that were conducted around the globe. I have also questioned some of my friends, readers, and followers and recently into whether size matters for a woman, for men, or at all.

I asked few questions with the aim to reach a conclusion. Some of the questions were a bit personal, like; does size matter to you, and, if so, why? and if size doesn’t matter, then what does?. I am glad I received good participation.

I must share some of my own, as what have I gained from this research and if I agree to it.

OK, let us bust the myth now.

No evidence of size prominence was found in the sexual orientation of the holder. Also, let me tell you that it is neither related to the sho size or nose size.

There was a bit of prejudice found in perception about the size in relation to ethnicity and race however, final results indicated size has no relation with ethnicity and race.

It is often perceived that only those individuals would participate who are proud of their size and want to flaunt it boosting their ego. I am glad some individuals came forward and said few nice things, for example, one said “ I have a small nail but a big hammer” of course he was a strong big man.

During my personal research, I found that almost every 6-inch individual thinks he is average. I will bust this myth soon in the article below.


Clinical studies around the globe have reported that the average penis size is 5.1 – 5.5 inches.

The BJUI research data with a big sample of15,000 men indicate the penis of 6.3 inches is in the 95th percentile. That means that out of 100 men, only five would have a penis size longer than 6.3 inches

Furthermore, 3.94 inches is in the 5th percentile, meaning that only five men out of 100 would have a penis size shorter than 3.94 inches.

A girl who runs a swingers party agrees to the above fact. She also states that individuals with penis size on the larger side are always in high demand and score most of the opportunities at her parties. Just human nature to capture unique.

Perceived average penis size is larger than the actual size, which indicates that most men are over conscious about the size and the desire to be bigger.

Most women in age below 25 stated that the penis size does not matter however on the other side about half the women between 25-45 divided size into further two variables; length and girth.

The majority of women who voted for “Size Matters”, were in favour of bigger girth than length with exception of a few who wanted length and girth. One of them also called herself “Size Queen”, she is a proud hotwife. One has also stated that it’s all in the head. Penis volume is the term mentioned by our “Size Queen” friend. She meant the total volume of the mass, length, and girth. She also mentioned “Cervical orgasm”, which is for us to discuss another day.


An experienced comment was “ it is no good having a big one if you are otherwise dud”. I don’t know how to fully interpret it.

Participants above 45 emphasise on confidence and technique of the performer

A number of women also mentioned physical discomfort with large size. The majority said that large ones are not hard. I have experienced that once as well 😉

Comments about size also include sensory and feeling of fullness related to size variance.

Another suggestion that was prominent in all age ranges was to “be attentive to the whole of a woman rather than insertable parts .“

Casual Sex

A 33-year-old said, “ I have met small and fantastic lovers, I never realised size until told”.

Everyone made face on hearing the word “ BBC”. Few experienced individuals came forward and busted the myth stating that it is just a contrast of visibility otherwise they are not on the large side in general.

Most women think that men have a distorted sense of size and are over conscious about it. The misconception that bigger is better has helped in creating a false sense of insecurity. Moreover, you never know unless you try to find out first-hand.

Don’t forget that there are a million ways to measure, so how you measure matters as well.

I must say that my personal opinion also matches with the outcome. Yes, I have experienced all sizes before putting forward my reviews. My experience makes me suggest that for a man, the key to a woman’s sexual satisfaction is “Pay Attention”. When making love, a woman will very rarely scream “that’s it, keep doing that” (only happens in porn) but rather will make a movement, subtle signal or sound that “this” is the spot or near the spot. The spot may be position, force, rhythm, angle etc but if you pay attention she will indicate to you what to do. If you’re paying attention and catching the signals your woman sends a strong enough signal regardless of your penis size.

The Bottom Line

The penis size doesn’t matter when you are fully involved in the act. Perceived average size is larger than the actual average size, so do not let insecurity creep in. Emphasize technique and intimacy. Girth may impart some role in the feeling fullness and sensory. It is the penis volume (together girth and length ) that counts. The size of the “hammer” counts as well. Always measure in centimetres, it sounds more impressive ;-). There is no good reason to feel insecure regardless of your size. The person it is connected to is more important than the penis itself.

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