genders and sexualitity

Gender and Sexuality

Hukup Australia is a built on unique algorithms to accommodate all genders and sexualities and still keeping them isolated from each other.  Following is a list genders and sexualities available to be chosen for your profile.

Genders: Male, Female, Trans, MF Couple, MM Couple, FF Couple.

Sexualities:  Straight, Bi-sexual, Gay or Lesbian. For an MM Couple, one or both partners can be Bi or Straight independent of each other.

Visibility: Potential matches are displayed in the form of a grid sorted by the distance from the user. As a rule of thumb, your profile is visible only to those members whose profile is visible to you. Visibility of profile controlled by an artificial intelligence based engine based on your gender and sexual preferences. Some of the simplified excerpts are:

  • A Straight female is not visible to and can not see Gay and Lesbian member and vice versa.
  • A Gay member is not visible to and can not see Lesbian members and vice versa.
  • A Bi female is visible an and sees males and females who are looking for a bi female.
  • A couple may have one or both partners as Bi, therefore their visibility and grid view is according to the sexuality and gender of partners.